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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. When it comes to TOP by SEO, that step was in the form of an idea that initiated way back in 2014. That’s when the foundation of this entire thing was laid with a vision of revolutionizing the existing scenario in the field of search engine optimisation and contemporary services. It all began with an interest in the titbits of Digital Marketing which, through the years developed into a full blown passion. And when a company is set up with fundamentals such as these, you know the service provided by them will bear the same intensity and commitment.

As it has been mentioned in the above passage, the whole story of setting up of this company has passion, a burning desire and a visionary disposition as its central theme and it is downright interesting. Driven by a keen interest in how it works, we were so much engrossed in it that we got into an extensive and extremely in-depth analysis of this industry in its entirety. The thorough analysis conducted by us enabled us to see it from a different view, something that had never been done before.

We tried to understand the basic fundamentals of SEO and how they operate. We became familiar with the varying patterns of several aspects of this such as link building, optimisation, web designing etc. But we did not restrict ourselves at this level. The thirst for extensive information of this thing could not be quenched and the same ended up becoming the driving force that was needed. Having gained a basic understanding of this, we now focused on understanding the current scenario of the market; to know about what works and what not. Once we felt that we had acquired extensive information on this, we were contemplating over directing the entire thing towards something of a standardized nature and use what we had gained through these years to provide millions with services that they deserve but could not access to yet. That is when the idea of starting this agency started.

How are WE Different?

Now that we had already made up our minds to build something of that degree, the thing that needed our attention was the nomenclature of the same. What we had observed is that there are so many that go by the name “EXPERTS”. We were of the notion that this term, in itself, was not aligned with our view. As far as our humble perspective is concerned, we feel that an expert in one field is a rookie in several others. And that is where we brought our ultimate aim into play. We, from our initial stages, wanted to provide top notch services in every department through the help of our teams of expert professionals. Therefore we felt that the term “EXPERT” would act as a restriction and therefore we opted to establish ourselves in this field as an ‘agency of experts’ of digital marketing rather than an expert.

We opted for the name ‘TOP by SEO’ because that’s what we are all about. We aim at helping you reach the TOP in whatever niche you belong to through the help of our team of expert professionals. Thus we are your ultimate go-to option when it comes to taking your website to the next level that you always wanted to break into.

About Seo agency top by seo

We are not the largest, neither the most well established agency out there. We are only getting started with this. We have a long way to grow from here. But we have this thing in mind that, provided we put in the real work, which we are sure that we will, we too will, one day, be able to achieve all that we had set out for.

With our team of individuals with specialisation in different fields and means of digital marketing, we are always on the lookout to provide our customers with such service that helps us make a mark. We have a separate team of dedicated and committed individuals for each and every thing. We make sure that the demanded and required services are catered to at the earliest and that is when our teams come to rescue. Because of our effective mechanism and functionality, we are able to reduce the prospect of any possible delay to bare minimum thus being able to maintain fluidity in our procedure.

TOP by SEO has its roots deep in the heart of India. We found out that despite the large number of agencies in the Global Diaspora, there are still a significantly large number of customers that are unsatisfied with the service. So what started as an agency for India has now transformed into an agenda to provide the same service on a global scale.


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