Digital marketing consulting services

Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

In this age of internet, the need for Digital Marketing is growing more than ever. Every business, big or small, needs to build their online presence and authority. There is no better way than doing it with the help of a professional Digital Marketing Consultant.

The options to promote your business online have become numerous. You will have tons of places to build your presence. The task is big and the work involved demands similar dedication. From designing a perfect website for your business to getting its promotion running on the social media platforms, proper care needs to be taken at every step involved. But, you don’t need to fret over anything as we are here to guide you through the entire process.

TOP by SEO, as an SEO agency started with a deep interest in the field of Digital Marketing. Driven by this interest we analyzed this field for a significantly long period of time and through these years we got to know about every nook and corner of this. We realised that Search Engine Optimisation forms the base of every part of Digital Marketing and so decided to dive deeper in the realm of Search Engine Optimisation. After having gained an experience in this, we decided to set up ourselves as an SEO agency and a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Our Areas of Specialisation

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Search Engine Optimisation lies at the core of every part of Digital Marketing and we are equipped with an unmatched specialisation in this very aspect. There are several things involved in SEO. Each and every thing needs to be dealt with carefully. We have a separate department for everything be it Link Building, Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Local Citation or anything. With the help of these professional experts, we are here to help you solidify the foundation of your website in the best possible way.
  2. Social Media Optimisation and Marketing: Building a strong online presence and promoting your business on the same is indispensable. The rapidly increasing involvement of the world with social media platforms justifies the importance of getting started with your business promotions on these vital platforms. We help you with creating such profile for your business which will help you build an influence on the platform. The components of the profile will be suggested based on several important factors such as your niche, the competition present in your niche and the specific requirements of your business. Through this profile we will also monitor your performance and suggest you with timely updates in order to maintain prime marketing status.
  3. Content Marketing: What you publish in the form of your content is all that you have to build the impression of your business in the eyes of your customers. Therefore, proper attention must be paid towards the formatting and structuring of the content. We have experts ready to help you create your content in such ways which will enable it to build rapport and influence over the audience. The content will be designed in accordance with the unique requirements of different platforms on which it is to be relayed. We will suggest you with ideas regarding your content to tone it in a way to fulfil the demands of the platforms on which it is published.
  4. Paid Marketing: One of the ways of getting quicker results when it comes to business promotions is to make use of the strategy of Paid Marketing. Although this is not something that we would normally recommend in the first place, if an urgent need arises, we can make effective use of SEM provisions via Pay Per Click and SMM options to get quicker results.

Pay Per Click: Through this you can get your website to reach the top instantly. In this way you pay a fee for getting the ranking instead of earning it organically. The fee is decided by the search engine on the basis of several factors such as the competition etc. You are only charged when someone clicks on your website.

SMM: If you would like to get instant results in business promotion on social media platforms, we can make use of what is known as Social Media Marketing to help you obtain the desired results. We will make use of ads related to your business to help you generate a good amount of traffic. We are aware of what will generate clicks on your ads and we design your ads keeping the same thing in mind.

Why Hire Us as Your Digital Marketing Consultant

Why Hire Us as Your Digital Marketing Consultant

Now that you have realized the importance of Digital Marketing for your business, you must also know why you should hire us as your Digital Marketing Consultant. Search Engine Optimisation lies at the foundation of Digital Marketing and we, as a SEO agency, have expertise in the foundation of Digital Marketing. We are not a Digital Marketing expert but since we have expertise as well as years of experience in the pivotal point around which the entire Digital Marketing revolves, we are sure to provide unmatched Digital Marketing Consultancy


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