Google local seo tips for 2019

Why Your Business Needs Google Local SEO Marketing In 2019

SEO is like the breathing system for the digital world. So, unless you are living under a rock, you should be well aware of SEO and its importance in any business, especially on the digital platform. However, for all those who are not aware, SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps a website reach better ranking on the search engines. This means your website or brand will have better visibility, more traffic, and good rankings on the search pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

What is Local SEO?

It is a digital marketing method targeting local audiences. It is an incredibly effective method for promoting your products and services among the local public. In short, local SEO will help your business grow in the nearby area with more traffics and conversion rates.

Why Does Your Business Need Google Local SEO?

Why does your business needs Google local seo

The most important reason for you needing Google Local SEO Marketing is the changing search engine trends. The latest change has brought Google Local SEO in the limelight. Google has established Local SEO Services that automatically aligns the important information about your business, such as name, address, contact number, office hours, and website information on Google. In addition, it also has updated information from products, services, social media profiles, your My Business page, and local directories on Google.

When people search on Google about the desired products or services, the search engine throws away results with businesses providing the required solutions. With Google Local SEO services and proper optimization of your website, you could rank up high on the results page.

When someone searches about your business or related questions, Google displays the result with a small box on the right side of the business with all the essential details. Moreover, it also shows results on Google Maps, which improves your SEO ranking even further.

Scope of Google Local SEO Searches in 2019

People mostly use Google for all their searches, and the search engine comes up with both organic and paid results. However, with a number of results, consumers usually rely on the top results and then sort them according to the accessibility from their place. Google Maps and places have solved this problem by letting people view the list of businesses on the Maps tab. Along with the convenience, your business verified on Google places also ensures that customers trust your brand and company.

But with growing competition, businesses try to secure their place in the top results on the search engine. So, by using the Google Places feature, you can simply increase your online presence, which will definitely help you with your business.

Google Places will show your results with all the essential details of your company; and who doesn’t want this. However, the same feature also shows your Google reviews and pictures of the company, which can be a make or break factor for most of the companies.

Reasons for Using Google Local SEO in 2019

Local seo new tips

  • Brand Reputation

The most important reason is more traffic and online visibility of the brand. However, there is another reason why it is important to claim the profile on Local Google SEO. Sometimes, the unethical companies do take disadvantage of this feature by claiming the profiles of their rivalries and making their own. After this, they provide incorrect or harmful information about the business. When the customers go through this information and find themselves misled, they in return, write negative reviews, which cause irreparable damage to the brand reputation. Moreover, it is difficult to reclaim your listings, making it tougher to correct the information.

Therefore, it is important to claim your business profile and can stay away from all such harmful business management tactics. It keeps you safe from all such online sabotaging by the rivals. This way, Google Local SEO not only helps with the rankings but also keeps your business identity safe from online frauds.

  • Marketing Strategy

The Google Local SEO helps with increasing online visibility and enchaining search engine ranking, which helps with the digital marketing of a business. It is a tactic, which you should start considering while developing marketing strategies for the brand. It helps in boosting the local search traffic by targeting the audiences in a specific area and also keeps you away from any kind of online fraud.

  • Improved Form of Yellow Pages

Gone are those days when yellow pages were used for finding any information about anything. Now, that role has been taken over by Google. People use Google while searching for anything right from best hairstylist near you to interior design solutions in the area. Therefore, Google Local SEO services act as an improved form of yellow pages by displaying all essential information of your business such as an address, contact number, website, reviews, and pictures. This helps in targeting the local audience, and it is also the best way for quick conversions.

  • Enhances SEO Ranking

Google Local SEO services help businesses in getting the attention of the consumers in the local area. In this service, only the local businesses are focused, and therefore, it increases the online visibility around the area of your operation, helping the website’s ranking on the search engines. The searches, when made on Google Places, are limited to only the businesses in that specific location, which acts as a great asset for consumers as well as businesses. Moreover, the local customers mostly search for the service in their area when they are ready to buy it, which increases the conversion rate to a great extent.

  • Marketing Small Business

All the small businesses can have an immense help in the marketing of their brand. With Google Local SEO, your business will be promoted whenever someone from your area searches for related service or products. This is the best way to promote your product without investing any money on television Ads or printout leaflets. This is the most cost-effective way of marketing in the local area by targeting local audiences. Moreover, the conversion rates with the local consumers are higher when compared to the other potential customers.

Local Google SEO is Also Important for Mobile Traffic

Today is the age of digital marketing, and anyone with a smart-phone in hand prefers to Google about any product or services. It has become a common platform for finding information from as small as a pharmacy store near you to as big as laser surgeons in your area. Therefore, irrespective of your business size, Google helps everyone by locating the local businesses. This becomes a boon for all the small industries.

All the small and medium-sized setups and businesses can drive immense local traffic with Google places services. However, not even half of the businesses have updated their listings on every platform, which leads to misguided information on all platforms. This can cause you loss of some very important potential consumers.

This is where Google Local SEO can help you with listing all the information on the search engine and conveying that to your consumers quickly. When you optimize your online profiles like Facebook and Google+, the information is updated on the Google Places that your customers can access. However, make sure to use the same information on all the platforms for the best results and improve your overall Google Local SEO profile.


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