What is Google my business website builder

What is Google My Business Website Builder?

Finally, Google is up with one more gem in its pocket, and you can access another important program on Google itself– the Google My Business Website Builder. As the name suggests, this new software application from Google helps with creating websites in a matter of minutes. And it's easy to use interface makes it the most user-friendly application to develop the websites quickly. So, this is like a Christmas gift for all the small banner companies or whoever wants to start with a single page website. And in this article, we will learn about 8 important tips and tricks that will help you go down that road smoothly.

Google has officially announced the website builder a couple of years ago, and now you can access that feature from your Google My Business account. You need to visit the GMB admin area and click on the ‘website’ menu on the left side.

Who All Can Use this Feature?

Google My Business website builder is a platform for small businesses to create a simple website. So, whoever is in need of a simple website, and nothing fancy, can approach this feature for creating their own site within minutes.

You only need to fill in the information needed for the building of the website and edit as per your choice. And in the next step, you will be awarded a beautiful layout and your own website.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you with the building stage

Google My Business Website Builder 8 Tips and Tricks for 2019

Google my business website builder steps

1. Buy A Domain for Engaging and Attractive Website URL

Your website will definitely need a web URL, which you can share with people and say as your own. When you build a website with Google My Business website builder, it will definitely provide you with an URL, but that will be by default as Google will see it fit with your web content. There is a majority of the possibility that these web URLs will not be appealing and very complicated to remember. Therefore, it is always a good idea to buy your own domain, that you find attractive and appealing and use it while building the website

However, if your budget only allows you to go for a free website, or if you want to try the feature first, then you can definitely use the free features. You will still receive many customers – thanks to the powerful features provided by Google for making your website alluring, but a customized side will always be a better option.

For buying a domain

  • Click on the ‘buy a domain’ button once you publish the website (The button will be prompted once you publish the website).
  • You can choose among the options available or edit the domain from the settings menu.
  • If you already own a domain, choose a redirect link to the desired URL.
  • You can also redirect it by contacting the hosting company and asking them to direct a domain to the Google site.

Once you are done with choosing the domain, you will find more targeted customers and better SEO ranking of your website.

2. Choose Theme Wisely for Setting the Tone of Website

While you are creating the website, you will be asked to choose a theme for the website, and accordingly, the layout will be decided. So, always make sure to choose the right theme as per your core industry and the audiences. There are tons of themes available with Google My Business website builder. You should choose the best color and font combination as per your branding strategy. You can also edit the aspects later on depending on the headline, description, and content of the website.

3. Always Use High-Quality Pictures to Maximize the Visual Effect

A website looks boring without pictures and graphics. So, it is important to make it interactive and lively by including many images, videos, and graphics according to the brand. However, always make sure to use only high-quality pictures to make the content look rich and alluring.

Throughout the site, post pictures of your products or services, staff, infrastructure, portfolios, past projects, etc. This helps your audience understand you better. But make sure to use good quality images as each and every screen today is of HD quality, and your low-quality images can simply act as a turn-off factor.

The perfect image size of the images should be at least 720 x 720 pixels and the size should range between 10 kb to 5 MB. When you use the Google website builder, you can only use .jpg or .png images for your website. The application does not support any other format, at least for now.

4. Use Legit Information in Your GMB Listing

The information you use in your Google My Business listing is automatically used in your website. So, always make sure that the information you have updated in the account is correct and up to date including the business hours, google mapping, contact information, and pictures used. Always check whether all the information on the web is similar to proper acronyms used. You, of course, won’t want short forms used on your website which are not understood by the majority of the global audience.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the offers running and similar information you update on the GMB account. All this information will be automatically included on the website, so make it a habit to keep things updated. Also, check your GMB account before building the website.

5. You Can Edit Website Later for Future Changes

It is an important feature in the Google My Business Website Builder application as you might need the urge to edit the look or the content of the website later. We constantly change our ideas as well as there might be a change in your audiences too. This is why the edit option in the later phase plays a very important role.

The faster you learn to use this option, the better you can deal with the small changes in your website like highlights, images, header and footer notes, color schemes, etc. You can customize your website as per your convenience, which will make you look unique in the pool of digital market.

For editing, you can visit the edit menu and go to the options like edit themes, text, etc. This option also helps with the anchor text, which is yet another useful SEO trick.

6. Get A Mobile Ready Theme for Maximum Visitors

Another important feature that you can explore is mobile friendly themes available. When you use Google’s website builder, you can edit and customize the website theme so that it loads fast on mobile phones. Nowadays, smartphones are available with nearly everyone, and with a theme that looks great and loads fast on phones, you will be able to cover more audience.

Google also helps in driving in more calls and visits to your website because of mobile-friendly website, maximum online visibility, and prominent contact information displayed irrespective on all screens – phone, tablet, and computer.

7. You Cannot Change the Layout

The only downside of using Google’s Website Builder is that you cannot have any say in the section order. If will provide you with a default layout, but be relaxed as the section order will be in a logical and engaging way. This is an option for all those who do not want to spend tons of revenue on building a website, but the result will be a default, simple, engaging website. It is free service, and so you have some limitations to the features available on the application.

8. Last but Not Least, It Is Free

The web hosting normally asks you to buy a membership for the website, wherein you can buy the normal low pricing annual membership or go for the premium account with more features, but it is mostly paid if you are getting good services. With Google My Business, the feature is totally free. You do not have to pay for anything, right from customizing domain to editing the website. This means the small companies do not have to worry even about a penny while launching the website.

And with all the free features, customers will be able to search you when they search your web address, company name, or even related product or services on Google. They would also be able to find you through Google Maps. This means all of the Google services will be available to you in addition to the free website.

These are all the useful services you can access with the useful Google My Business Website Builder. So, in conclusion, we would say, it is the best option for all the small companies who do not want to invest too much at the initial phase itself. Or even companies without much technical knowledge.

Google My Business will build a website for you within minutes from the data you have provided, and then you can edit and customize the website as per your choices. However, do not forget to use all the tricks and tips we have provided you while building the website. These tips will only make your experience better and provide you a better-ranking website on the Google search results. So, use this tool to the optimum for your advantage and prosper in your new business.

Final thoughts

In our opinion, every business owner must utilize this facility provided by Google for free. You can use this tool to get yourself a decent looking website inside ten minutes. This tool is perfect for those you have just set foot in this field.

If you want to break into a more customized website for your business, you can learn about website designing on our page.


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