Payment after rank process

Payment after rank process

The services provided us are nothing less than top-notch. It is natural that, considering the quality of service that we provide, the customers will apprehend very high charges and complexities in the various procedures. We are here to bring a revolution and turn the tables. We have made this entire thing as simple as it should be.

Generally, what is seen is that when you opt for hiring services from these agencies and companies, right off the bat, you are required to get into complex contracts and agreements. The customers are not made aware of the behind the scene activities and at the end of the month, or whatever time period might have been agreed upon, they are presented with a bill that goes through the roof that ends up breaking your bank. We are nothing of that sort. Our billing and payment options and procedure are as customised and reliable as our SEO agency TOP by SEO with expertise in Digital Marketing.

The sole purpose of our agency, when we were only getting started, was to put the requirements, propositions and desires of our customers on the pedestal. Keeping the same ideology in our mind, we have designed a very unique and anticipated payment method. We like to call it ‘Pay after Rank’. This means that unlike every other agencies that demand to make payment beforehand, we do it like it’s meant to be done. We only charge once we have delivered the desired services. Although our primary method is not this, you are always free to opt for this service.

How We are Different from Everyone Else

Most of those who provide you with the required services have such policies that are completely out of alignment with our vision. They charge you based on unjustified factors. Some of them are as follows:-

  • They charge you on the basis of Keywords.
  • The rates of these charges are completely dynamic and vary up to a very large extent based on the existing scenarios.
  • For instance, they charge on the basis of each keyword they give you result on and the charge also depends on the competition. If the competition on that particular keyword is high, the charges will become extensively high.
  • They even charge on daily basis which, in our eyes, make no point at all.

We focus on eliminating all these possibilities of arbitrary charges through the policy of ‘Pay after Rank.’ Our entire efforts are based on the lines of achieving legit results and in the same way we charge on the basis of the ultimate results that we provide. There are no binding and unreasonable contracts involved in this. We are entirely transparent in all our dealings. And that’s how it should be with all the agencies.

Major Benefits of Opting for Pay after Rank Provision

  • With Pay after Rank plan you only have to pay when you see your sites ranked on the top search pages. Pay after Rank provision is created by experts and it is completely results oriented.
  • We have a team of expert SEO professionals who manage the performance-based Search Engine Optimisation plan efficiently. Your website is in safe hand with pour pay for performance plan as we strictly follow a completely ethical procedure which is adhered to Google Webmaster.
  • No monthly contract or commitment
  • With our plan, you need not to fear about your website ranking going down because of changes or update of the search engine algorithms.

Frequently asked questions

Customers’ FAQs.

The sole purpose behind setting up of this whole thing by the name TOP by SEO was to fix this scenario. We are completely aware of the happenings in this industry and it is for people like you that we have set this entire process in the way it is.
Like we said, we are completely transparent in our dealings. We will send you information and reports about everything that happens with your website, including all the results.
No, you don’t. We are completely against this.
NEVER! We treat all our customers equally well regardless of the way they choose to make the payment. It’s within your discretion to choose any means of pricing, including Pay after Rank.
The charges depend on the specific requirements of our clients. The final bid is set only after mutual agreement. Rest assured, you will always love it.
All queries related to payment mode or any other things will be addressed through our mail and you can even contact us on our number (the provision to contact via our toll-free US number will be made available soon, till then, ping us on our mail).

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