Customized Pricing options

Customized Pricing options

If we boil it down to one thing that sets us apart from other SEO agencies, it is our unique yet highly anticipated Pay after Rank method of pricing. Our entire billing system functions keeping in mind the same reason we set foot in this industry, i.e. to provide the customers with such services which they deserve.

The methods of pricing that we provide are not complicated. Our primary method of pricing is as follows:

  • We calculate the charges based on the requirements of the website of our clients.
  • We do not engage in making things complicated by bringing in complex factors such as Keywords, daily-basis payment or any contracts.
  • The price decided will only be implemented after mutual agreement of our customers.

When it comes to pricing, we are different from all those other agencies that have ulterior motives. We maintain utter transparency in our dealings to win the support of our customers and we envision using that support to grow in this industry with time.


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