Privacy Policy of TOP by SEO

We follow the most transparent procedures in our dealings of any sort and at the same time we also ensure complete privacy of data and information that we process. No part of your data is outsourced. We keep all the information secure and have high standards of maintaining the security. We have legit security procedures designed to safeguard and secure the information under our control, and we follow the statutes in all terms and in its entirety

We do not compromise with the privacy of data provided to us by the clients on our website. However, we would like to make it clear that we always cooperate with the authority when it comes to legal proceedings. If the law requires us to provide certain information which is deemed necessary by the law, we cooperate in accordance with the legal necessities.

The clauses of the privacy policy are only applicable to our official website and the information provided and the dealings done through it. We do not hold ourselves responsible for any happenings that are not brought about through our agency.


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