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There is a common misconception and misinformation that floats at large that putting real efforts and hard work in creating the website you wanted in the exact way as you had envisioned is all that is required for your business to flourish and accumulated unprecedented traffic. If you are of the same opinion, you are one among millions who take this distortion as it is and end up witnessing that none of what you had expected has actually materialized.

The only real reason behind this lacking is despite making efforts in all other realms, you failed miserably at probably the most crucial thing, hiring a proper Search Engine Optimisation agency.

We, at TOP BY SEO, are a globally operating, India-based digital marketing agency with specialisation in search engine optimisation. We are here to help you know the minute details and steps that go into getting your website to achieve the status of high profile. We have a well-equipped and efficient team dedicated solely for helping you get through all kinds of troubles that you might encounter through the process.

Our fields of specialised services

Through the help of our helpdesk concerned with auditing, we will provide you exact guidelines on which you could base your website to make it more SEO-FRIENDLY so that it is easy to work on it. But what if you have already made your website and it fails to make it to the ranking list? Well, there is still no problem. Our analysis wing will thoroughly study the current status of your website and identify the loopholes, and then provide sure-shot remedial measures.

The primary goal of any person regarding his/her website is that the website must appear on the very first page of search results when a search related to that particular niche is made. Keyword Research plays a vital role in achieving this. We extensively look into the specific and unique requirements of your website and then with our expertise and visionary approach towards the way keywords work and will continue to work in the future, we make use of all the relevant and required keywords that will help you boost the result and the rank of your website on being searched for.

If there is one thing that will help you get an edge above your competition, it is a powerful, extensive and authentic link building strategy. By getting your site to be referred to from authoritative and influential platforms, you can drastically aid your website in securing remarkable ranks. We follow a strategy that minimizes the risk component to nil and provides you with the frame that will help your website stand the test of updates and policies of search engine algorithms. Thus we are always here to help you exploit this service to your maximum advantage.

Understanding what your competitors, in the online industry of a similar field as yours, are doing forms an essential part in building the strategy that will help you achieve the results you have always dreamt of. We have perfect specialisation in this aspect of the horizon. Given that we have a deep rooted hand-on experience with this, we are completely aware of the exact requirements that the search engine expects from you to rank your site at top positions. We have numerous clients that achieved high ends through the strategy suggested by us and you are no exception. We are willing and able to put whatever it takes on the line to get your website to stand at the position you want it to.

To get your website to be listed at top ranks organically, you need to fulfil the demand for authoritative and relevant content. The degree of relevancy of the content with respect to what is being searched is all that is looked for at the time of deciding the rank of your website. Like any other good thing, it takes time and we are here to navigate you through every step of this timeline. We put special emphasis on organic SEO so that you do not face any adverse situations in the near future when your activity is closely monitored. Our strategies and plans are completely based on this viewpoint and this makes us more preferable over any other agencies.

Structure is the key to achieving success and that is all we focus on when it comes to providing our web designing services. We believe that every individual has his/her own requirements when it comes to deciding the layout of the website. We have the most suitable services to cater to these particular, unique and specific needs. We specialise in custom web designing. The outlook of the website acts as a deciding factor when it comes to attracting and engaging customers on your website and we have a wide catalogue to offer you where we modify every aspect of the website to match it with your expectations. When it comes to web designing we have utmost faith in the dictum “Less is More” and that is what makes us the best when it comes to creating simple yet futuristic and dynamic website designs.

No matter how legitimate, efficient and prized the service you provide is, if you are not able to get your business listed in the top and foremost local listing platforms, you are only half way there. However, this is easier said than done. One needs to have deep knowledge of how this system functions in its entirety to help you build some influence over it. We have several locally-based teams to help you procure more local traffic through well programmed strategies. Thus you can always rest assured that your business leads will always keep up with the need of influencing the local Diaspora.

You know that you have become significantly successful in your venture when you are able to get your business featured in the top three listing pack on Google maps. Achieving a position in the locally active Google map listing means that you get the opportunity to skyrocket your business dealings and take it to a whole new dimension of activity and engagement. We are capable of helping you build an influential rapport in the Google map listing system and thus secure enormous opportunities for your business to grow.

An important deduction

We would like to let you know that we never promise to deliver instant results. SEO is a thing that requires time. Unlike those self-proclaimed “pro agencies”, that promise results within a ridiculously short period of time but whose actions demonstrate no solid ground and whose results, if any, vanish in the instant when the legitimacy of the same is brought under spotlight to be examined, we are here to take you through this journey of dominating your niche in the most appreciable and strategic way, ensuring that the results age better with time and keep on ever growing and ever evolving.

Once you decide to seek help and assistance from us, you can rest assured that you will not be cheated in the name of “QUICK-FIXES” and that your work and business will progress in the right direction on the cart with most ethical, legit and authentic wheels on the road of utter online dominance.


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