Importance of Analyzing Competitors for SEO

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Your website is up and running and all set to interact with potential customers. However, yours is not the only website that is afloat on the internet, there are thousands of businesses that have an online presence and hundreds of them are probably dealing with the same type of business that you are in.

Several latest Google statistics conducted reveal how the internet has been influencing the lives of people and how dependent they are becoming on it to look up for even the smallest thing. 3.5 billion Google searches are done every year and the number up by 10% each year. Businesses that make their place on the first page of the search results, especially in the top 3, are noticed by the customers. Thus, the goal of any business is to rank high in the Google search results if they want their business to prosper.

The goal of an online business is to gain an eminent place in the list of businesses that Google prompts in the top of its search results pages. There are several intricacies involved in getting Google recognition and might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, an SEO expert has the right knowledge and skills that will help your business to gain the required online visibility.

Reaching on top will help you attract more customers and help your business to grow. However, you also have to be very careful about the competitors of your business that will put in the same or more effort in getting their business to the top. Always remember – ‘Keep your friends close and enemies closer’. You must know their moves and always stay ahead of them. This article explains to you the importance of analyzing their competitors.

Your Business Website Has To Be On the Front Page of Google Search

When a user types words or a phrase in the search box, then Google prompts several links, titles and descriptions matching their search phrase/words to the user. It tries to show to them what best matches their search. There are 10 results that come up on the first page and every business wants to make it to the top 10 spot.

Google has an algorithm to determine the business which fulfills the criteria to make it to the top 10. In other words, if you have the right knowledge about this algorithm and the different standards that Google desires from a business then a business can make it to the top results. The idea is simple – give Google precisely what it desires and in turn, you will be put in the top 10 results.

Top by seo competitive analysis techniques

Google lists web pages in their search results and not a full website; thus, SEO professionals strive to optimize individual web pages, so Google senses these web pages and presents them to the users in the top results.

Having a visually stunning website is indeed an advantage because it helps in attracting customers easily. However, Google deems this trivial in its criteria to give it a top position. Instead Google looks for keyword rich, useful and informative content which is related to the business that you are running. If your business web page consists of what the user is looking for then your listing automatically comes up on top.

Find Out Your Online Competition

Any business that offers the same products or services as your business does, and has a strong online presence is your competition. You should not confuse your offline competition with the online ones. Some big, beautiful and attractive store in your area that entices almost all the customers that visit the area but doesn’t have any online presence is not someone that you should be bothered with. There are other strategies to deal with competition like this. The business that always comes up in the top search results of the people looking up for the relevant product or service similar to that of yours, is the one that you should think about.

Internet is a powerful tool and there are thousands of businesses that are thriving with online business only. This is all because they are ranked in the top search results of Google.

Irrespective of the size of your business, big or small, you can always make it to the top of Google search results page if you work on SEO and fulfill all the benchmarks that Google wants an online business to have. Being aware of your competition’s moves help you in planning your strategies too.

Check out the Things That Your Competitions Are Doing to Conquer Google

Uncovering the strategies of competitors is a tough job. Such tasks are best left in the hands of the experts. An SEO professional that is proficient at unveiling the secrets of what your competitor does to get through Google’s various hurdles and reach the top rankings. Once your website has the required information about their approaches and the tactics they use to feed Google, you can always outdo them in what they do. With your online position fortified with exactly what Google needs, your business will automatically be amongst the top searches.

Your website and business will become prominent and overpower your competitor’s position once it gets more visibility on the internet. With more click rates and organic potential customers, your business will gain both reputation, sales and not to forget brand recognition.

Things That You Need To Take Care of in Competitive Analysis

Create Relevant Keyword Phrases

Google loves content that is keyword rich and also one of the most significant factors that is analyzed by Google. We need to pen down a list of keyword phrases that are relevant to your business or explain the nature of your business. These phrases and then looked up to determine how frequently users have used to look them up on Google search. Phrases that are unthought-of but related to your business will also be considered.

Determine Online Competitors through List of Keyword Phrases

In the next step, businesses that pop-up on the first page of Google’s search results page for every keyword phrase is looked-up. The not so common phrases are also looked up to so they can be exploited to help your website come up on the first page. We will help you get a higher slot in the results page. Perfecting the keyword phrases in a way that Google finds it informative and helpful for the users is something that we excel in. We will tell you exactly how to move up to the higher ranks on the Google search pages.

Search Deeper to Eliminate Competition

Once the businesses that capture the top results are identified, we use SEO tools and expertise to reveal the keywords that your competitors use. Identifying the keywords that other businesses are using is crucial because these are the words/phrases that are carving their way to the top of Google search results. There are some more details about your competitors that are examined by me they include:

NAP or Name, Address & Phone Number

We will check all the places where their NAP citations are displayed. NAP is significant for any business. Name, address and phone number should always be correct. If there are any changes in either of them, they should be instantly updated. Google likes to crawl the correct information.


If you haven’t updated your business’s map on Google and while your competitors all have their location updated on Google Maps, then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. Most customers will pick businesses that offer directions because it is easier for them to reach. We will update your business location on the map along with landmarks, so Google sees your business as one that is helpful for the user.


A large percentage of the internet searchers take into consideration the reviews and feedbacks left by the previous customers. Google considers all the reviews that have been posted about your business online. Keeping a check on the reviews of your competitors is a wise thing to do. You can then plan your strategies on how you could get more reviews for your business. Whether a review about your business is posted on a social media platform or a blog, Google reads them and then ranks your businesses on its searches accordingly. Not even the biggest companies across the globe have 100% satisfied customers and positive reviews. There will always be a small percentage of dissatisfied customers and some negative reviews. But it is the way how negative reviews are dealt with, matters. It is important to reply to people and solve their issues if any.

Gathering all this information and assisting you to get more reviews fall in the area of an SEO expert. We will gather all the above information and prepare an SEO Competitive Analysis Report for your business. This report will tell you exactly where your business stands and what Google requires from your website to get it the top position in the search results. With proper SEO optimization, we can help your business to get the recognition and come up in the first page of the Google search results.

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