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Traditional way of keyword research doesn’t quite stand a chance against modern search algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Google’s ranking structure. The present digital landscape is molded by algorithms and directed by bots that have been programmed to comprehend the thought process of humans. Top By SEO team provides you with effectual keyword exploration tactics entrenched in data and analytics, so your site comes up in the top of the search result pages. Our research scrutinizes your site’s performance, searcher behavior in your area of business and competitor approaches using the advanced tools to analyze the best keywords for your site. We give your keyword performance a completely fresh and elevated level.

Keyword research services by top by seo agency

Superior List of Keywords Result in Good Business

SEO keywords and phrases are the most significant part of an SEO campaign. It is these special words or phrases that enable the users to locate your website through the search engines. The keywords on your website should speak the same language as that of the searcher. A random list of keywords can compromise your business results. Our efforts will get you not just keywords that will put your website in the search results but those that will get you to the top of the search results of the search engine pages.

Do not Target the Wrong Keywords

Your website will never see the first page on the search engine if you have a selection of inferior keywords. Moreover, constant usage of similar keywords and phrases will have you out of the search result pages soon. If you want the search engine bots to crawl your web page, then glaze them with enticing optimized keywords and phrases so you can get potential clients.

Focusing on the Words that will Rank Your Website

You would love the traffic flood on your website, but it would be depressing if the users left quickly resulting in almost no conversions. You would be in a curious dilemma if something like this happened with your website. Well, consider this to happen frequently if you have made a wrong selection of keywords. Leave out the puzzling part to us. Top By SEO will create a list of keywords and phrases that match your industry searches. You  will have the right people landing on your pages and thus attract more conversions for your business.

Keyword Research Services by Top By SEO

Our team’s expertise will help you gain a set of quality keywords and phrases that will drive your business to get radically better results. Top By SEO has a long list of clientele belonging to diverse industries; this has helped us expand our knowledge on keyword research. With skilled people to execute your project along with advanced tools and software at their command, we ensure that we will help your business get a high conversion rate.

Our keyword services include

Prepping the Foundation: We gain insight about your website and business before we can get our work started. Once we have the essential specifics, our experts develop a compendious list of keywords and phrases that match your industry and website. This list is just a substratum of keyword research for your project.   

Funneling Things Down: It would be unrealistically odd to optimize all the probable keywords. Attracting the wrong traffic is the last thing you would want for your website. Thus the initial list that we prepared is then narrowed down to a smaller and more productive number. There are different strategies and tools that we use to narrow down the list of keywords. We keep ones that will be used by searchers actually looking for a product or service that your business deals in. Some factors that we normally consider are search volume, target demographic, etc. However, we use several advanced tools to support our work, so we give you precisely what your business needs.

Locating Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are a set of words or phrases that are specific to what your business is dealing in. When users’ type specific search phrases, they are bound to buy that product. This list of keywords is considered to be ones that attract prospective buyers with a high probability of performing a purchase.

Analyzing Competitor’s Keyword Collection: Since you are not the only one in your industry that deals in a certain product or service, we peruse your competitors too. These are websites that come on top of the search result pages. This helps in understanding. Competitive Keyword Analysis is an effective way to contend in a teeming space and gain a pivotal edge over the other businesses in your industry.   

City Specific Keywords: Local businesses thrive through local searches. A large percentage of people look for local businesses and those that are in their vicinity. If your business is looking forward to attract locals, then it is imperative that we add keywords and phrases that comprise of the area or region name that you operate your business in. Companies and businesses that are functioning on a bigger scale and are not bound by geographical borders can eliminate this step.

Local SEO keywords are a whole new topic for those looking forward to Local SEO. Our experts will help your business to come up in the local searches.

User Intent: User intent or as some of us say, search intent is the intention or goal of the searcher when they are typing a term on the search engine. It takes a great deal of experience and expertise to understand and optimize the customer’s intent. It helps in narrowing down buyers for a business. Our team will prepare a defined list of keywords by analyzing customer intent for your business, so your website gets more conversions.

What Makes Keywords Important?

Keywords are like clues using which a potential user gets to their desired destination – clues are the phrases and keywords they type on the search engines to look up something and destination is the website they click on. Keyword research is a dominant market instrument that can be used as an informing agent. Your business deserves to get access to the most lucrative keywords for your SEO campaign and we will help you get the most relevant and productive keywords for your business.


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