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Link building is one of the fundamental requisites and determinants that act as a deciding factor regarding the relative rank that the website acquires in any search engine. Bearing the same thing in mind, we at TOP by SEO ensure that we utilise the finest link building strategies to help you solidify your influence on the internet.

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Personalized Link Building Approach

Link building is something that we give due importance to. Unlike several other agencies that take a casual approach towards this aspect of optimisation and outsource the work involving the same to some groups, we provide service which is fully personalised for your specific needs and ensure that we deliver the exact results that you are looking for.

We have an integrated approach towards link building where we have a special desk of members with utmost specialisation in this field and who understand the need of working on link building at micro levels so that the website is capable of keeping up with the frequently updating algorithms of search engine.

Thus, you can rest assured that you avail the perfect service which exactly suits your personal requirements.

Link Building Demands Specialisation And Professionalism

The use of proper links in your website helps in legitimising and consolidating your web presence. We, thanks to our experience, are aware of the exact ingredients that go into transforming your website through quantitative as well as qualitative means to make it a force to be reckoned with.

  • Links generated from and based on sites that are well versed and already have a solid diaspora of influence perform better than those from not-so well established sites.
  • We create specific backlinks designed to suit your needs and make strategies to use the same for building rapport and web presence.

Procedure Of Our Seo Linking Building Service

Once you have decided on making use of our trusted services for link building processes, we undertake following steps:-

  • We carry a full-fledged and detailed study and analysis of your web presence and organisation.
  • We pay particular attention to your niche and then make efforts to understand the possible and probable competition and suggest and make the required adjustments to your website.
  • Our professional desk also assesses your target audience and gathers particular information regarding the demands and requirements of the same.
  • We evaluate the collected data and, through the help of our visionary specialists, frame the perfect strategy to help you.

Since we do not rely on any pre-defined or pre-determined set of instructions and steps, unlike many agencies that claim to be pros in this business and provide you with outdated techniques that barely have and relevancy and efficiency and also hold negligible functionality as far as your website is concerned, you are in safe hands.

Here at TOP by SEO, we develop strategies tailored to suit your personal goals and objectives which are entirely based on the research conducted on your current website status. Ultimate satisfaction of our clients is all we are after and thus we make the best efforts to cater to your needs.

Though the SEO environment is constantly updating and ever evolving, links still have extremely significant roles to play in site-optimisation.

Creating links that are able to cope up with the present scenario and which continue to hold good in near future require proper strategising and planning keeping in view the efficiency in the long run. There is  a need for a strategy that, besides focusing on the above mentioned facets, also ensures that there is no compromise made in the focused distribution of superior content among the targeted audience.

Establish, Enhance And Expand Through White Hat Link Building

We completely understand the need of quality content. Besides links and brand signals, content is a vital component in search engine optimisation. Quality, informative and engaging content helps you reach a broader audience and helps in converting the same into your customers. When your business gets mentioned and linked by credible and established source, it acts as an impetus which causes the search engine to improve your status in ranking lists. Having an experience in this aspect of optimisation which spans over a timeline of almost a decade, we are the perfect destination for all assistance related to this.

We make use of proper methods to achieve the above mentioned objectives in the most legit, legal and authentic ways through the use of White Hat link building.

Through White Hat link building, we link your website with such sources and platforms which hold very reputed and credible status in the niche which is targeted by your website. We promote your website in the most genuine way and in the most reasonable places to help you get the recognition that you deserve.

We refrain from using unethical means in link building. Most of the agencies which promise to help you with the link building procedure for your website follow means that fall under what is known as Black Hat process of optimisation.

There is a major drawback with this. Although you might be able to get your website at the top of your list for an instant but this proves to be extremely detrimental for your business in the long run. If you resort to using these unfair and inappropriate means, your website may fall prey to what is known as search engine update. At the time of these updates, search engine receives information and stats related to your website which helps in determining the legitimacy and authenticity of your website.

This is a crucial event as it decides the rank that your website will hold in actual terms. Update performs extensive scrutiny over your activities over a period of few months where it puts a check on things such as the places where you have linked your website, among others. Failure to fulfil any condition required by Search engine makes your website prone to risk and it might even ultimately end up in getting your website taken down.

Have your website already been watered down? We have the solution ready!

  • A helpdesk is set up to gather details about the platforms where your website has been linked.
  • We then deduce the degree of relevancy the linking has.

 For instance, there’s no point in promoting your link related to doctors on websites with specialisations in footwear. What happens when this is done, is when it’s found out, your website is immediately brought under strict monitoring and due to this Black Hat linking, your website, more so your valuable time and energy, goes in vain.

We consider your time and efforts paramount over any other thing. Therefore, you can always count on us and expect the most positive response from our department.


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