Why Medical Marketing needs SEO Services?

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Users looking for information on healthcare turn to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, etc. You are going to lose out on potential customers if your practice isn’t evident and noticeable to them. 

As a medical professional or a doctor, you are equipped with the know-how of treating patients and managing the wizardry of online reputation is not something that falls in your precincts. Moreover, supervising your business and practicing doesn’t quite permit you to spare time to manage your website online and ensure that your work comes up in the top search results of the search engines. Nevertheless, the fact that people are resorting to the internet to look up for the tiniest thing makes it crucial for any business or professionals to have an online presence. Online prominence helps in creating an instant trust amongst the users and potential patients. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is ameliorated user experience of a business and helps a medical professional connect to their potential patients or clients. Creating an online presence with the help of Medical Marketing Services is inexpensive contrary to the traditional advertising platforms. Internet is a boon and accessible to a wide range of people medical professionals can easily harness its power to attract new patients for their business.

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With the finest SEO exclusively for doctors and medical professionals taking care of your online prerequisites, you have ample time to take care of your patients. As your medical marketing representative, TOP by SEO will see to the online requirements of your business. Our online services will help in drawing more patients for your business, saving you the extra time you would otherwise use to reach more customers and give you more time to concentrate on your medical practice.

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Medical SEO: Exactly How to Get Your Medical Website on Top of Google Searches

Let’s get to the point!

Why do you want your medical website to come up on top of Google search results? The answer is easy, as there are more than 73% of users who hit the search button of their internet browser to locate a good medical practitioner and about 89% users take the help of search engines to solve queries regarding healthcare. 55% of these searchers click on the first three search results and if your name/clinic/hospital doesn’t come up in these top three results, you are going to lose these potential patients to other medical professionals.

So, without giving it a second thought opt for SEO services and work tension free.

What is Medical SEO?

Medical SEO is a practice using which the search engine rankings of your medical website can be brought to the top. This helps the users and potential patients to reach your hospital or treatment center. The patients get the required treatment while you get more customers.

Why Invest in Medical SEO?

Promoting business through traditional ways isn’t quite going to work anymore. People have become internet savvy and they rely on the search engines to look up for everything, including hospitals and good doctors. 55% searchers do not venture past the first three results and if you are not resorting to SEO, then you are losing out on clicks and therefore potential customers to your competitors.

Ads such as Pay Per Click or PPC is not enough to get customers for a medical business. They are basically short-cuts, which often don’t get the intended results. Businesses that don’t have SEO rich content take the help of PPC ads – sort of provisional solution. Ultimately, you need a persistent deliverable that will take care of your medical business essentials. Content marketing gets you thrice the lead for every dollar that you spend for paid search ads.  

How to Use Medical SEO to Drive Your Healthcare Business to the Top of Google Search Results?

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There is a reason to why some things make it to the top search results on Google search engine. Google output search results are centered on an algorithm delineated to proffer the most applicable links and answers to search queries. Although there are more than 200 factors that determine the actual ranking under this algorithm, over all:

  • Your medical website should be fast, reliable, secure and optimized for mobile users
  • Your website should have several pages of high-quality content optimized for medical SEO
  • You should have the right collection of medical keywords
  • Your web pages should have a medical structure, optimized title tags and meta descriptions
  • You require optimized pictures and videos
  • Your website needs several off-site authority builders such as directory citations, social signals and back-links
  • Your Google My Business page should be filled completely nothing should be left

Here is an in-depth explanation of every point mentioned above:

Your medical website should be fast, reliable, secure and optimized for mobile users:

Having a website which downloads and displays the pages quickly, is not vulnerable to malware or virus and looks the same on a mobile just as it does on a computer screen are some of the top ranking factors. Most visitors will exit your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to open. Google knows how each website moves and since it offers the best resources to its searchers, it will never put a website in the top searches if it lacks speed.

How speed should your website be? Google draws its line for 2 seconds, but they usually go for ones that take less than half a second.

Security is the next important factor that Google considers. If your website doesn’t have https before it then speed and SEO will no longer matter. Users are aware of the malware, virus and cyber-crimes that are rampant these days. They will never click a website that has been deemed insecure. 

A mobile-friendly website is one that is easy to browse. More than 70% of the searches are done on mobile and 62% mobile users use their own device to look for health information on the internet. Around 82% of mobile users use a search engine to locate a health center or a local treatment establishment. Google’s statistics say that in the last 6 months, 77% of mobile users have browsed the internet to locate health services using their mobiles. A similar data of Google says that 79% of the users say that they are most likely to share the mobile medical website with others and even revisit the medical facility in future.

Your website should have several pages of high-quality content optimized for medical SEO

Quality content optimized for SEO is also one of the significant ranking credentials in Google.

So, what is considered as quality content? We could term it to be content that candidly benefits your target audience.

Speaking of it amateurly, your content should focus on how it could be of help to a patient looking up for an answer to a healthcare query. You will require optimized content that has comprehensive medical minutes, which include landing pages, blogs, e-mail newsletters, press releases, e-books, etc. Along with this, you will also need a sturdy content distribution plan, which is basically promotion your content to the online audience through various channels.

This is how Google delineates quality content as structured by their Search Quality Guidelines:


  • Create pages mainly for the audience and not search engines.
  • Don’t cheat your audience.
  • Improve your search engine rankings without using trickery. Here is what you should ask yourself are you comfortable in explaining what you have done to a website that contends with yours, or to a Google employee. Another question you should ask to test yourself is – Is this of any help to my audience? Would I have done the same things had search engines not existed?
  • Reflect on what will make your website different, notable and Create a website that distinct from the others in your turf.


Avoid the following practices:

  • Automatically created content
  • Partaking in link schemes
  • Creating pages with copied content or limited original content
  • Doorway pages
  • Cloaking
  • Devious redirects
  • Hidden text or links
  • Scraped content
  • Partaking in associate programs without adding adequate value
  • Loading pages with unrelated keywords
  • Creating pages with malevolent actions, such as installing a virus, trojans, malware, phishing or other such malicious act
  • Exploiting rich snippets markup
  • Sending automated enquiries to Google

Follow good practices like these:

  • Keep an eye on your website for hacking and get rid of hacked content if any as it comes up on your site.
  • Prevent and remove all user-generated spam on your website.

There is another reason to why you should emphasis on high-quality content Google refers to your medical pages as Your Money Your Life or YMYL pages. It classifies these web pages as those that could prospectively impact the health, contentment and financial constancy of the audience. Low-quality web pages may contain unintentional medical consequences that may compromise the health of a user and thus have a bad impact on your reputation

You should have the right collection of medical keywords

Content optimization for SEO requires creating content with the exact keywords related to the healthcare industry. Medical industry is vast and has several specializations. However, most of your potential patients will be users that are looking forward to nearby local medical services. Thus you can use keywords based on your specialization, practice and services that you provide.

It is wise to use Google Keyword Planner. Ensure that you don’t make your content by randomly stuffing keywords in it. Google is smart and your website will be penalized.

Your web pages should have a medical schema, optimized title tags and meta descriptions

Another chief ranking standard is the title tag of a website’s page. Although earlier meta description was given more weightage, you now get automated meta descriptions centered on the content. It is important to fill both sections.

Those having a WordPress medical website can take the help of a plugin to edit meta descriptions and titles of the content. We use Yoast SEO

The keywords should be included in both the title and meta description. Along with this schema for doctors should also be added. Schema is basically a website code which gives Google a proper framework and detailed information about your website page.

Schema markup alone will not push your website to the top searches, but it definitely makes the search engines easier to interpret, which means your website is most likely to come up in the search results.

You require optimized pictures and videos

Video marketing has become common and it is a superb way to make your content popular with the audience. Web pages containing videos receive 157% more organic traffic from Search Engine Result Pages. Also, a video alone is 50 times more likely to come up on the first page of Google results compared to a normal web page. However, pictures and videos of your medical website should be optimized so it can be accessed on all devices. Statistics say 39% will discontinue engaging in a website if the images take long to load and videos take forever to stream.

Your website needs several off-site authority builders such as directory citations, social signals and back-links

Another ranking factor of Google is offsite indicators such as back-links to your website. Any such offsite authority is seen as a sign of approval by Google. Hence, back-links, social media profiles, directory listings, etc. are all important for SEO. Social media is another zone which should be counted as primacies in SEO. About 41% consumers say that they follow healthcare content on social media while selecting a clinic for treatment or a hospital. 42% people say that they see the consumer reviews on social media while looking up information on healthcare.

Your Google My Business page should be filled completely nothing should be left blank

Having a complete My Business page on Google is also an important point in Google rankings. Most patients that are local and are looking for health services in their area always use the phrase – “near me”, along with their query. However, if you want the locals to locate your clinic/hospital/center, then you should be visible in Google’s local pack.

If you are wondering what a local pack is then it is a group of 4 or 5 business listings that come up above the organic search results. For those using mobiles, this is the only thing visible to them without them having to scroll down. The local pack information is taken from a few places, but the My Business page from Google is the primary source. Ensure that the listing is completely filled. The categories you need to fill are:

  • Your company’s categories
  • Your main phone number
  • Your company’s description
  • Your hours of operation
  • Your address or service area
  • Reviews

The Concluding Analysis: For a superior Google ranking and more patients, you require a robust medical SEO approach

SEO is a crucial ingredient to getting your medical website to the top of Google search results. However, there is no single approach that applies to all. Every business is different, including yours. An in-depth finding will help in sketching a plan to execute SEO for your medical website. A digital competitive analysis will help in equating your web presence with your competitors and determine the prospects that will help you determine the digital marketing priorities required by your website.

We look forward to assist your clinic/treatment center/hospital in to one which is seen as an accomplished one in the medical industry.


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