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So you have hired the best SEO Company for your website but are still not getting the results you want. Well, sit back and relax as we are here for your help. Our SEO Company specializes in SEO audit, which is the best way to figure out why your website is not getting the search rankings it deserves.

Search Engines Optimisation audit is actually the complete analysis of a website from the perspective of major search engines. SEO auditing is important for every website as it gives a complete idea about the site’s performance; it also points out the areas where further improvement is needed and how the current rankings can be improved. You can get the SEO audit services as a part of our complete SEO package, or it can also be availed as a standalone service. As a website owner, you need to focus on every aspect of your website if you want it to be successful.s


Most of the SEO companies just ignore the auditing step, but it should never be done. They generally make use of automatic auditing tools which may not be capable of pointing out all the issues. We never do such things. Our expert team members conduct a complete analysis of your website and figure out the areas that need improvement in order to elevate the search ranking. In our unique site audit, we analyze the site from on-site as well as off-site incoming link perspective. This provides you with a complete picture of your site’s SEO.

The SEO standards change every few months and this makes it crucial to get your website audit done every six months. This is the only way to give a tough fight to your competitors and achieve good rankings on the search results.

Types of SEO audits we offer:

The two major types of SEO audit we offer include Strategic audit and Forensic Audit.

Strategic audit

A strategic audit is a complete analysis of all the aspects of your website. This audit helps in identifying problems and their solutions. You will get recommendations on how you change the current scenario and can elevate the search engine visibility.

Forensic audit

This is usually needed in urgent situations like sudden increase or decrease in traffic or conversion drop off. We investigate and find out the solution to the problems and how you can solve them at the earliest.

Top by SEO provides the clients with a complete SEO report on their website. Our highly accurate tools and years of expertise in this field

seo audit techniques

Professional website auditing service which points out all the major issues

SEO audit is not a simple task and it involves a number of components. From links to quality of contents, page structure, keywords and their placements and more. We examine different parts of your website in the given order.

Checking the Google Analytics

First of all, your website’s Google analytics are checked to make sure it is working properly. Next, the Bing Webmaster tool account is checked whether it is configured correctly or not. Google search console is also very important and it is also checked for any errors. If you don’t have any of these accounts, we can also help you in setting up new accounts.

What makes Google analytics important is that it is the best way to track site usage and behavior of users. With the help of Google Analytics, we can see the main source of traffic; the average time users spend on your site and what users are doing once they land on your site.

Checking the website paging and .txt files

To check if your site is correctly indexed or not, we make use of Google Console and Webmaster SEO tools. This will check for your website’s pages and in case if any of the pages is missing, we also include them if necessary.

Checking if your website is indexed properly or not is important for its ranking. For checking your website whether it is indexed properly or not we make use of Webmaster SEO which is considered as the best Indexing tool. Our team never compromise in terms of quality so that you always get the best services delivered.

Yahoo, Google, Bing and other search engines can only access your webpage using robot.txt files. This makes it important for us to check these files for any kind of errors. This allows search engines to easily search and access your website.

Complete analysis of content

SEO marketing the best way can only be done by professional. We check for the overall structure of your website to check whether they are well defined and clear or not. In this step, everything is examined from the title tags to images, headings, keywords and its implementation, etc. All the related problems are corrected as soon as they are identified.

Quality of content is crucial for a website’s success. Your content should be original and unique. Duplicate contents are never going to take you anywhere in terms of ranking and website success.

Keyword research using the best research tools

Now we conduct in-depth keyword research and analysis. We identify the most relevant and valuable keywords, as well as phrases for your website. A complete report is created on your site ranking for the keywords you are targeting. This report greatly helps in expanding and improving your search rankings.

Our team also keeps an eye on your top competitors and what keywords are giving them the top ranks.

Backlink analysis to elevate the search rankings

Backlinks are used by all the major search engines where you want to rank your website to check for website performance and quality. Google, Yahoo and almost all the other search engines make use of Backlinks in ranking a website. This is why our company check for backlink related issues and provide you with all the details.

Analyzing your website in front of your top competitors

When talking about online marketing, there is always a very tough competition for the top ranks. Everyone is making use of best in class tools to secure high ranks for their site. This makes competition analyze an important part of a website audit. We analyze the best performing websites in your niche. This way, we are able to identify the reason why your website is ranking below them read more about our competition analysis techniques that we follow .

Website Infrastructure is something you should never ignore

Your site’s search engines visibility is greatly affected by your website’s infrastructure. This includes the page loading speed, URL structure, mobile friendliness, broken links and more.

We figure out any such issues if present and resolve them to improve the search engine visibility.

Analyzing links for better results

This SEO audit also includes analysis of your website’s internal and external links and how you can improve your linking strategy to get the most in terms of results. The way you link other pages to your website is a valuable part which can have a great impact on elevating the search rankings.

Forensic auditing to check for major issues

Even in the case of sudden problems with your website performance, you need not worry. Our team specializes in Forensic audit, which helps in identifying culprits behind sudden changes with your website's performance.

Forensic audit is different from a strategic audit as it is used to point out sudden issues. A forensic audit is conducted on an urgent basis in order to identify the cause of problems. Its main purpose is to find out or investigate why something wrong happened to your website’s traffic. This includes a sudden decrease in the traffic, the number of regular visitors, views, conversion rate, etc.

In our unique process of a forensic site audit, all these problems are identified in the shortest possible time. We also recommend what necessary actions need to be taken in order to bring your website performance back on track.

We make use of best automatic tools as well as personal investigation to find out the culprit causing these issues.

A forensic audit is very tricky and finding the exact culprit is quite difficult as there is an endless number of reasons which can result in such an issue. We always try our best to fix those sudden problems and we also recommend the security measures which can prevent these issues from coming back.

During a forensic audit process, we keep our client update with the improvements until the problem is completely resolved. We have years of experience in this field and are confident enough to help you with any kind of website related problems.

Result Oriented SEO with no compromise in terms of quality

SEO audit is important because things keep on changing in SEO. This makes it crucial to conduct an audit of your website every few months. Search engines keep on changing their ranking algorithms and in order to maintain your ranking, you need to make changes to your website structure.

When talking about SEO audit, our company is undoubtedly the best. Whether you want to Strategic Audit of your website or Forensic audit we can help you in both the cases.

We make use of the best tools and our years of experience in this field. A complete analysis of your website is conducted, which includes analysis of website structure, keywords, meta tags, backlinks, internal links, content quality and structure, keyword density and everything else. Just contact us once and get your site audit done.

A complete report of your website and correcting errors

The auditing process is now complete. Now our team prepares a comprehensive report of your website. This generally takes 3 to 4 days. Once the report is prepared we start correcting the identified errors.

We assure you this will surely improve your search engine visibility and rankings to a great extent.


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