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Affordable web design services

The foremost thing that you have to leave an impression regarding your business on your potential customers is the layout of your website. The way your website appears to the customer is the first thing that can make or break the chances of getting a deal. It is therefore important that you design your website in a way that is capable of holding the interest of customers. We know it can become a daunting thing but as long as we are here to help, you don't need to worry about anything.

TOP by SEO has a team of professionals who are well equipped with the things that need to be done to make your website's design as appealing to the customers and as SEO friendly as possible. We make use of the most effective coding structures to design the most efficient website at the most affordable rates. We know what works and what doesn't when it comes to creating that perfect website for your business. Through the experience gained as an expert agency in the field of SEO, we come up with such results which satisfy the needs of the customers, the type of the business as well as that of the search engine.

Importance of a Customized Website Design for Your Business

A good website design impacts how your potential audience receives your business, thereby turning them to your customers. There are hundreds of data that prove users prefer seeing an attractively designed compared to one that is simple and ordinary. A professionally designed website is significant in highlighting online presence. The visual and textual content presented to the users must have a takeaway, so the users keep coming back to your website to experience the thrill of buying from you.

Websites are fundamentally the new storefronts and first point of contact for any business. You will lose a potential customer if your website fails to make a good impression. Creating a website with an imposing user interface will lead to a higher conversion rate and better revenue. An easy to navigate user interface guides the customer to locate what they want quickly.

Every business is different and thus the way they present their content to the users should also be unique for each one. A well-designed website, according to us, is one that is focused on design principles that result in a presentable and useful site that stands out in the eyes of a customer. Top By SEO has a team of professionally skilled web designers that will help you develop a visually stunning website that will drive organic traffic and help your online business in gaining potential customers.

Why hire an SEO Agency for your web development?

Web design benefits

We are no web designing experts but what we definitely are is a top SEO Agency. And it is due to our SEO-based work experience with numerous websites that have enabled us to understand the way a website should be structured to get the results at the earliest. Through our interactions with tons of websites, we have become aware of what the search engine demands from a website to consider it for rankings.

Getting yourself an overly stuffed website that "looks great" won't get you far. Instead of focusing on making the website beautiful for customer's eyes, you should focus to make it beautiful for the search engine and its requirements. And what's better than getting services from expert Search Engine Optimization agency? We make use of our SEO-based knowledge to structure your website to make it SEO friendly. With us you can always be sure of not getting stuck because of heavy coding and your website will be able to climb the ladder to top ranking easily and effectively.

Features of a Sales Driven Website Design

Annoying animations, overused flash, eye-hurting colors, distracting GIFs are elements from days of yonder. They will probably just set your business back. Web design today is all about erudition, class and perfection. Whether it is the blend of colors, technology, security, or content in your website; people look for functionality and utility. A sales driven website is one that has the following elements:

benefits of customer web design
  1. Easy Navigation – When it comes to navigation, high-end websites are ones that thrive on minimalism, especially. Seamless navigation needs site architecture planning and extensive storyboarding. Professional web designers of our team will create a clean and easily navigable website for you that will let any user easily locate what they want on your site.
  2. SEO Friendly Elements – A website’s effectiveness is judged on whether or not it comes up in the search results of the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. A website can be found by the search engines only if it is SEO optimized. For instance, ‘title tags’ is an important SEO strategy that helps the search engine bots crawl your website. We assure to deliver you an optimized website for SEO.
  3. Responsive Design – A website that looks the same on a big screen such as a laptop and on a small screen too, such as a smartphone is one that has a responsive design. More than 50% of users use tablets and mobile phones to make a search. If your website is not mobile friendly that your potential sale will never convert to an actual sale. Moreover, Google too ranks companies with responsive websites higher in their search results.
  4. Speed is the Key to a Sales Driven Website – Users will wait for just 3 seconds for a website to open. The longer it takes, the more customers abandon your website. If you want to give your customer a good user experience, then your website should be fast. Customers visit more pages on a site if it has a quick load time and this increases the chances of conversion. Top by SEO has the necessary tools and knowledge of how to make your website load faster.

Why Companies Love Our Professional Web Design Services

reason to love our prifessional work
  1. It is important that our clients know how we are different and why they should choose us over other web designers.
  2. We are passionate about our work. We upscale and improve our knowledge regularly. We create experiences that are beautiful, easy to use, and drive results for your business. Web designing and corporate branding is indeed our forte, but along with it, we focus on making things work for your business and your potential customers.
  3. We take on a web designing project by first understanding our clients and their exact requirements. We use this information as a guideline to create strategic web design solutions that articulates your distinctive brand identity. Good website designs come from collaborating with our clients who inspire us with their thoughts as we create them to become functional. We keep our clients close and incorporate their feedback at all stages to ensure our work is in harmony with their needs.
  4. We define the possibility of the web development project, form a budget and timeline, and once they are officially agreed by the clients, we adhere to the agreed terms. We update you on the progress at regular intervals and ensure that our work is delivered on the promised delivery date.

Tailored Website for Your Business

We have many full-time web designing professionals that have years of experience in web designing. Whether it is an e-Commerce store or a client portal, our specialists ensure that every aspect is taken care of with precision. We learn your requirements and accordingly customize a website that takes care of your business requirements. We create websites that are fresh and eye-catching. TOP by SEO assures that your users will get an optimal experience once they have click on your website link.

Visually Stunning Design

Top By SEO helps entrepreneurs and businesses to create a visually stunning website. We ensure that their business gets an online presence through this functional and optimized website that we develop for them. The website is created whilst keeping in mind the type of target audience the business would deal in. Our experts gather a lot of information about the business of our clients before we can begin designing a website for them.

We have with us the best web designing software and solutions so your website is in solidarity with the requirements of the search engines. Top by SEO always stays connected to you as we design your website and take your feedback at regular intervals to ensure we create the website in accordance with your business requirement. Count on us to provide you with any assistance that you may require with the website even after we have handed over your site.

You can trust Top by SEO develop for you an optically beautiful site loaded with useful features and optimized to make a mark on its users at your requested delivery date.

Potent Online Presence

Unlike a physical store, a website isn’t restricted to business hours and thus, it is one of the best ways to advertise your brand and products. A well-designed and informative website is a short e-booklet that contains all the information a customer would want before striking a deal with you. You get to control the narrative if you have a premier website because it gives you the power to influence public insight by fashioning your own story through it. 

Before we create a website for you TOP by SEO learns about your business in depth, so we get a clear idea of what your business has to offer to its customers. The professionals that will work to design your website also learn about your competitors, their websites and the tools they use to draw customers. Based on this data, we develop an SEO optimized website that will come in the top results of the search engines.

Our team of web designers work together on crafting a website that will build your online presence and at the same time, develop your brand. Every professional is skilled and experienced in their field and each one is assigned the task that lies in their forte. For instance, a graphic designer focuses on graphic designing and not the creation of content as that is taken care of by a different expert. We strive to uphold perfection in our work, so our clients get the best results from our work. Our company offers a strategic solution to our customers, which help them in developing their online presence.

We use advanced tools and technological know-how to warrant the achievement of your website. TOP By SEO endeavors to build marketing schemes pivoted on content that will communicate your message through various social media platforms. Our company designs an exemplary digital experience that will be acknowledged by your users. The website we develop for you will not only be attractive but navigable and well-informed too.

A Professional Website Establishes Trust and Credibility

A website is a business’s communication and marketing tool. Consistent, first-rate, sterling web designs fortify your brand identity. Professionally designed website will enable your brand to remain comprehensible and easy to distinguish from the competition. We create a visual language for your brand that is constant across all contexts.

  • 55% of people search online for reviews and recommendations before they make a purchase and 47% of these people visit the company website to learn about the company before they buy from them.
  • 38% of people will not engage with a website if its layout is unappealing.
  • 48% of people quoted a website’s design to be the first deciding factor in determining a business’s credibility.
  • 30% of users return to the same website that they made a purchase from

All of this sums to just one thing – A professionally, well-designed website will help your business sustain! Top by SEO will assist you in designing/redesigning a refined website that will engage your users and turn them to customers.  

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Good relationship with clients is the key to any successful collaboration. We believe in cultivating enduring associations that are mutually advantageous. We stick to high standards while working on projects and we assure high quality services at a competitive price.

We have a wide range of clients and have worked with almost all types of industries and have knowledge about different types of websites. If you are willing to chart a new development path for your business through an impressive online presence, then you ought to get in touch with our web designing team. 


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