What is Google my business

First We Will Start with What is Google My Business

Google My Business commonly referred to as GMB is a free online tool that manages the business presence of online companies across Google platforms. A GMB account/profile/listing is acquainted with details about the online business which range from its address, website and contact details to pictures, location, among others. Their listing carrying the details of the company will appear on Google Maps and Google Search when users ping the web for these.

Details about the business regarding the directions, reviews, ratings, working hours etc. are desired by the customers time and again. Frequent updating of GMB is crucial as this affects the degree and nature of prospects of dealing that the consumers may have with that particular business.

Proper attention must be given to ensure that the business listing is verified so as to be able to access the business from all Google platforms. Providing verified details consolidates the legitimacy of your business and compels acts as an impetus for the consumers to prefer the services that you provide.

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How Google Knowledge Graph Works

Google Knowledge Graph is a large block of information which comes up on the top-right side of the screen when an individual looks up for certain information. Its contents are completely based on what is being searched for. Depending on how well a business has worked on their SEO, a knowledge graph will display the full profile of the business. For instance, if you look up a country, Google displays its position on the globe and a short description about it.

Benefits of Google Local Pack in Local SEO

Benefits of Google my business account

Google Local Pack is a feature shaped like a map which displays three point list of businesses with their name, address, contact number, reviews, etc. along with a map. The visibility of exact location of a certain business on the screen helps the user to determine its proximity. The elements of the business data should be optimized properly so that the details are displayed correctly. The list of three businesses is displayed on the basis of an internal ranking. If a business wants to come up on Google’s Local Pack, then there are many some aspects to optimize it.

  1. Create a Google My Business Page and Verify the Company – We already discussed above the importance of completing the Google My Business Page. You need to claim and verify your company on the list. Ensure that you verify your company’s address. The verification is done once the code is generated and is physically delivered through the post and then entered in the corresponding field in the My Business account.
  2. Business Listings should be optimized – Every field in the business listing should be carefully filled.
  • Business Name - keywords or location markers are significant when filling your business name section.
  • Category – This section outlines how Google connects your business to a search query. Choose the local rankings carefully to ensure your business name come up in the search results. For instance, if you have a pizza place with delivery, then use ‘pizza restaurant’ and ‘pizza delivery’ instead of ‘restaurant’ and ‘restaurant delivery’. Using categories and keywords to define the services offered is a bad idea.
  • NAP (Name, Address and Phone) – This data should match with the data that you have provided on your website. If a business has more than one branch, then the phone number and the opening hours for each should be specified.
  • Images – an important factor for users that are selecting a local business.
  • Reviews – a decisive factor for the users to pick a local business. They should be monitored
  • Business Citations – an important source of backlink which can be optimized by keeping business information up to date.
  1. Optimize Your Website – good content, updated information of business, website speed, mobile-friendliness, security, etc. are all counted as factors for website optimization.

Monitor the information on your website and My Business page closely to keep your business name coming up in Google’s Local Pack.

What does Google Map do?

Google local seo marketing tips

Google Maps is a web based service which offers detailed information on the geographical regions across the world. Besides the traditional road maps, it also offers satellite and aerial views of several places. Most big cities offer street views consisting of pictures taken from vehicles.

It is a route planner that helps users to get to their desired destination. Walkers, bikers and drivers can easily reach a place even if they are personally unaware about directions. Tourists these days are highly dependent on Google Maps as they easily move around an unknown city with its help.

Locals are guided by these maps to businesses they require services from. It could be anything – from a restaurant to a car wash and from a boutique to a hair salon.

Google Maps now have a ‘Follow’ button now that the users can click to follow the business. Following a business lets the business send updates to the user about discounts, new offers, events, etc.

Importance of Google maps in GMB

Google maps help a user understand the exact location of your business. With your presence on the map, you attract more potential customers. A map to a place also carries pictures, reviews, contact details and reviews – all of which are considered by users to determine the usability of the business to them.

Reasons for Google Business Listing

Instituting an illustrious presence on Google can make or break your business. Exploiting Google’s supremacy in the digital world will enable your business to flourish. Offering relevance in local search will help you gather more of organic traffic through Google. Local searches are mostly performed through Smartphone and they use the same to make a decision on choosing a certain business. 50% of these users will visit the business in the same day. Users have now been accustomed to seeing GMB and the address information, reviews, contacts, etc. all add significance to the credibility of a business.

Performing an internet search irrespective of what you browse will draw you results based on the location. Local search results are crucial in your business being found and permitting users to review your business. Google My Business helps the users to know the details of your business, including directions, working hours, etc.  

Listing in Google My Business is compulsory if you want your business to come up in the local search. A complete and optimized Google My Business page ensures that your business gets the required online attention. When users search for a product or service relevant to your business, then local listings are what dominate the results. Moreover, for some businesses, these local listings come with markers containing their contact details and address. Along with this, Google also shows a map pointing to the business emphasized in the search list.

If you own a business in any department in your locality and then there are several other businesses of the same category and in the same area, you would definitely want your business to top the list of the businesses available in that area. Google Local Business Listing will help you achieve the same. Thus it is important for you to get yourself properly listed.

If your location is available with Google, then local results will be prompted by any search word that Google understands to be a search with local intention. So, if the users make search using any relative word, Google will prompt your business in the search results.

Therefore a detailed Google My Business listing is imperative for your business to flourish.

Tips & Tricks for Google My Business profile

Google My Business doesn’t just require you to fill the basic requirements in the listing for your business to come up in the local pack. They look for more information and deem your website or business to be worthy enough to come up in their top results. For instance, if you have a local business, it will try to locate a blogger or a social media profile that has reviewed about your store and mentioned about your service. Google tracks third-party websites or profiles before prompting your business on top.

It also considers User Generated Content or UGC to prompt your Google business listing. This includes pictures or your store/business and short descriptions or subjective attributes. Many features have interactivity built in the profiles and they include:

  • Google Reviews is one of the most significant features. Quality reviews and replying to the users helps a business in raising their Google rankings and click-through rates.
  • Google Questions & Answers that let users ask the question to fellow users about your business on the GMB profile.
  • Google Posts that let businesses promote services and offer through Google Maps and Knowledge Graph. They can also connect to the users who ‘Follow’ your business.
  • Suggest an Edit, is the feature that allows a customer of a business to suggest edits to your business details such as working hours, address, landmarks, etc.

You have to closely monitor your My Business listing so to ensure it is regularly optimized and updated. One should also be regular with Google rules and regulations to keep your online business running smoothly because it always seems to add new tools and features to Google My Business.

How to Qualify for Google Local Listing?

If you want your business to work, then it all comes to having a healthy professional relationship with your customers. If you want your business to come up in the local listing, then you should interact with your customers during the business hours that you have mentioned in your Google My Business listing.

It is also not necessary that you work at a given address, but you can also work at your customers required location. For instance, mechanics, electricians, painters, etc. can all work at the location that their customers want. They are not bound to a certain address. They can define their Service Area Business without having a fixed one and claim Google My Business listing for the services they offer.

While most businesses can claim My Business listing even if they don’t have a permanent address, there are exceptions to this:

  • Businesses that have meetings, offer services, or hold classes in a location not owned by the person or don’t have the authority to represent are excluded from claiming a listing.
  • Businesses that are not open to the public as yet.
  • Vacation homes, apartments, or properties for sale can also not claim a business listing. However, the offices that are selling or leasing the properties can be listed and verify their addresses.

Affects of Getting a Website on Google My Business

Even though Google My Business listing happens to be of the highest significance in local searches and several business transactions can take place even without the user actually visiting the website of the business, a speed and mobile-friendly website is still crucial to the business. A website helps offers brand recognition and leaves a good impact on your brand’s personality on the user.

Depending on the type or business you are running the requirement of a business website will change. For instance, someone who is involved in businesses such as those of “Restaurant”, “House cleaning” etc will have to have an updated contact list that should include phone numbers, landline if any and email addresses along with customer testimonials and reviews to support the quality of work they deliver.

For helping you get your personalized website, Google has an impeccable feature to offer to you through which even a person with non-technical background can build a decent website. Another major advantage of using Google My Business Website Builder is that it incurs zero cost.

A resort should have a visually striking website that has been optimized to quickly load high quality pictures and videos of the entire resort. Quality content about their offerings, nearby places to visit, booking details, price, customer testimonials and reviews will all help the user in making a quick decision about picking your resort for their holiday.

Irrespective of which industry you belong to Google will probably find a way to use the information provided on your website to feed new features in search result pages, My Business listing, Local Pack and more.  Google has ways to utilize the information that you have made available on your website – which is good for your business. Therefore, it is necessary that besides keeping your My Business listing updated you should also closely monitor your website and keep its content updated.

Organic traffic is an important ranking factor. Google knows how many users visited your website and this also has an impact on your local ranking. Keep your website loaded with rich and useful content and always update and optimize it with the latest information. If there is an even happening in your company, then update it and then post the pictures of your event too. If it has been covered by the newspapers, then post the clipping and link the news website to your content.

Customers will visit websites to confirm about your business. So, keep one ready for them.

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