What is off page seo

What is Off Page SEO?

Digital marketing and SEO strategies normally go hand in hand. We have been hearing about these SEO techniques, but what exactly does this mean? According to experts, Search Engine Optimization describes a set of processes used for optimizing a website and making it search friendly. SEO techniques do not only help to get quality visitors to your website, but it is also an important aspect of making your website user-friendly and increasing its creditability.

Search Engines have become smarter and use a complex series of algorithms to decide which pages will include in the index and accordingly show on search results. In short, SEO is a language that helps in communicating with the search engines and feeding information about the website.

There are a number of SEO strategies used for creating more singles back to the website and helping improve the SEO rankings. But for proper implementation of the techniques and perfect mapping, you need to understand the bigger picture i.e., search trends. Nowadays, Google itself is taking initiative and answering most of the questions, which affect the website traffic. But this trend itself has given rise to another SEO method – Off Page SEO.

Two Major Components of SEO

There are two major components of Search Engine Optimization viz. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO

It is the optimizing of the website, which means the changes to the settings you apply on the website so that it is easily available on the search results. The basic On-Page SEO strategies used by most of the websites are –

  • Optimizing titles and descriptions
  • Managing URL structures
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Optimizing internal links
  • Formatting text with proper tags and format
  • Optimizing the images and graphics used on the website
  • User-friendly 404 page
  • Fast loading of pages
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Quality content
  • Use of external links

You can learn more about the On-Page SEO techniques by learning the basic ways for search engine optimization of the website.

Off Page SEO Techniques

It is all the process and activities done outside the boundary of the website.

Here are some of the most effective Off-Page SEO Strategies

1. SEO and Social Media Conjunction

The search bots do not crawl into the social media pages, and this is why using social media marketing is a better way to get more exposure in the digital world. Social media pages are the best way to keep potential customers engaged, and becomes more useful when you get shares. The more you get shares, the better are your chances of keeping people engaged, entertained, and that way develop your brand image. So, do not forget the power of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

2. Mobile Site Optimization

There were times when people didn’t use to bother about mobile websites. But now, thanks to the AMP project of Google, even a second delay in the loading speed can cause as much as a 7% reduction in conversion rates. This is a reason why today you need to pay more attention to the mobile site optimization. The most important factors that can be used for optimization are downloading speed, content quality, and easy navigation. According to Google, the AMP project will help in improving the mobile website speeds by around 15 to 85 percent.

3. Social Community Group

Another influential method to gain maximum online exposure is to make your appearance on the social community groups. Engaging with the community becomes more important, especially in terms of more shares and creating a brand. In these community groups, you can share some useful related content that will help your followers. These social community groups can be used as a link building source, and increase the SEO quotient. Apart from general communities, you can also extend your appearance to popular social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

4. Post Blogs

Blogs and fresh, unique content still have a lot of importance in the digital world. You can write a blog for your company or website that includes informative and unique content. You need to be precise about what type of information you need to convey the users and what they would appreciate more. Make sure to have topics related to your business area, so that potential customers can linger around on the blogs for a longer time and be compiled to visit you.

Also promoting blogs on the directories and search engines becomes important. You can do that by posting comments on other related write-ups and backlink the comment with your own work. This is another great way to link building exercise. These crawlable blogs are also known as Do Follow blogs and help in inviting potential customers on your own website.This strategy plays more importance from a search engine’s point of view.

5. Create a Forum Based Option

Creating a forum or an online discussion board helps with the off-page SEO. You can start a discussion or share some interesting information on these forums with your users and followers. You can also reply or post on other pre-existing forums to develop your brand and get more exposure and crawling links to your own website through the search engines.

6. Social Bookmarking

This is yet another powerful tool you can use for promoting the website. However, you need to be very careful while using it, or else you might just end up spamming these social bookmarking sites. The famous social bookmarking websites such as Delicious, Digg, Propeller, StumbleUpon, etc. allows bookmarking a specific page or blog of your website that can be further viewed by everyone on a public platform. This means that specific page will be viewed on a larger platform and get viral within a short period of time.

Getting viral is the only task of these social bookmarking sites, and this is why you need to be more careful regarding the content or the comment you are posting on that page. You should properly handle the news and tags used for broadcasting the page on a larger platform. This will increase the number of quality visitors to your website and is one of the most effective ways to increase website traffic when effectively participated.

7. Exchange of Links

Exchanging of links help in increasing the popularity and acts as a major attribute in Google’s page ranking algorithm. You can exchange links on the related websites, also known as Thematic Link Exchange. However, you should always be careful with black hats while doing the exchanges of links as that may hurt your SEO ranking on the search engine.

8. Cross-Linking

Anchor texts and backlinks are very common terms in the SEO field, and you should use them to the maximum. You can link your pages with the anchor texts, also known as targeted keywords. These strategies may be at times hard to implement because of the weight the keywords carry. However, this strategy definitely helps with the link popularity and increase in SEO ranking.

9. Photo Sharing is Important

Sharing the pictures of your products or any in-house graphic images in public helps in gaining some attraction. You can even ask your friends and followers to comment on the posts to drive traffic to the website. Some of the major photo sharing websites are Flickr, Pinterest, Picasa, Tumblr, Photo Bucket, Instagram, etc.

10. Promote through Videos

Another similar way to photo promotion is promoting videos, reviews, and expert opinions of your products or services on public websites like YouTube. This is one of the most trendings off page SEO activities in the current age. This strategy has more value as people sometimes believe in watching videos to reading the content.

11. Local Listings

Using local SEO strategies help a lot to reach targeted audiences of a specific area. Making your website local helps the search engine to locate you more easily. You can do this by using platforms like Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Superpages, Yellow Pages, Hotfrog, etc. These are the best ways to target a specific audience and promote your products on that platform.

Local listing is another important way of off-page SEO strategy in this big list of techniques. And make sure that you do miss this most effective way while focusing on other SEO techniques and methods.

12. Press Release Promotion

Promoting your business or company over press releases is one of the oldest as well as an effective method, and you can not miss it. You can use popular service provider websites such as Open PR, 1888pressrelease, PR Leap, etc. websites for promoting the press releases. These PR write-ups will help in better ranking on the Google News platform.

13. Classified Submission

Advertising your business or products can never go out of fashion. So, use this digital platform for classified advertisements pf your products and services on sites such as MySpace, Craigslist, Vivastreet, iMadespace, etc. These websites offer you free ads on their platforms, and you gain more digital space.

14. Business Listing

There are a number of business listing websites that provide you more exposure and a greater market for you as a service provider. You can submit the website to any of these reputed directories such as Google My Business Listing and Bing, Yelp.com, Justdial, Sulekha, etc. for gaining more traffic from the local audiences. These website listings provide a better platform for the locally targeted audience and provide you better traffic for your business. This service comes under the banner of a digital marketing strategy and can be used to drive more traffic to your platform.

15. Q & A

More exposure in the digital world and link building is an important aspect in off-page SEO strategy and by answering questions related to your business will provide you with both. This is one of the main reasons why you should participate in question and answer sessions. You can ask a relevant question in the forums or broadcasts and backlink them to your website for an answer. This is one of the best ways to increase link popularity.

In addition to asking questions, you can also reply or comment on questions asked by customers on relevant contents and write-ups. When you provide any informative piece of content to the users, they will trust you with better information and are more likely to visit your website often.

16. Document Sharing

Sharing information brochures, slides, or relevant business documents on SlideShare or Google Docs will help you with the branding of your website. Customers appreciate more when they get their hands-on information and more likely to trust your brand. This is great for brand building.

17. PPC Ad Campaign

PPC or Pay Per Click Ad Campaign is a uniquely creative way to gain more traffic. Although they are unique, they somehow share similar basic format i.e. a logical, organized way of presenting information with targeted keywords and ongoing trends. Therefore, you should consider the structure of your website and the PPC ads you are posting, as without updated trends they will simply fall flat. Running Ad campaigns is one of the top ways for off page SEO marketing techniques.

Why is Off-Page SEO Important? What Are the Benefits?

Off-Page SEO is the best way that fits with the new trends of organic marketing. It helps with SEO rankings, page ranks as well as more exposure in the digital world. This is how you can have more influence and better business strategies for making your search engine results better.

  • Better SEO Ranking

SEO strategies, whether on the page or off the page, are meant to help the SEO rankings of the websites. This is why using these techniques will help your website rank higher in the SERPs. This will also mean better traffic on your website.

  • Better Page Ranking

The rank of a page is described between 0 to 10, and that depicts the importance of the website for Google. This means the higher your ranking is, the better exposure you will receive, which will definitely lead to more traffic. This means a better page rank is how the events will initiate and the results will be a better business.

This is all about the Off-Page SEO techniques you need to know about at the present as these are the most influential in the digital market at present.


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